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Bike of the Month

Bad weather and bad roads preventing you from getting some km’s in the legs? Is the snow wrecking your buzz? Are the trails too muddy and slippy for even a decent mtb?

With the cold snap set to last for another weeks, and the inevitable rain season approaching what bike could do it all and leave a serious smile on your face at the end of it all?

Look no further then the Kona Wo! Dirt, sand, gravel, tarmac or snow. Trail riding, back road exploring, or simply keeping the pedals turning all winter. With a new Kona 6061 Aluminium frame this year, the Wo is designed to fit the largest tires available to enable your wildest ideas. Whatever you want to throw at the Wo, it’ll get you there.

Confidence certainly will not be an issue hammering through the corners with the proper fat Schwalbe Jumbo Jim Evo Liteskin 26×4.8’s front and back, finding all the grip in the muddiest conditions.

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