Closed until Further Notice

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COVID-19 Update 25th of March 2020

Dear Customers. 

This is an update on how we are handling COVID-19 in Feel Good Bicycles. 

Up to now we have been operating on an Appointment Only basis since St Patrick’s Day. 

I (George) have been self-isolating since then and have not been in the shop as I have some very mild cold symptoms.

Cian has been looking after the shop in the meantime and accepting appointments.

Yesterday evening (24/3/20) we discovered that Cian has been in close contact with a confirmed case. He has no symptoms himself so the risk of him transmitting it to anyone else is very low (according to information from the HSE) He does not have it as far as we know but due to this we announce that we are

Fully Closed until Further Notice

For any customers that have bikes in with us, we will get in touch with you.

We are available through social media and email. I am still working from home on developing our ecommerce site (as well as minding 2 small children…) Please get in touch if you would like any bike related advice!

We will get through this!

Stay Healthy

George & Cian

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