Friday Five #4 What’s happening in Feel Good Bicycles

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Welcome to Friday Five #4!

Another 5 things from Feel Good Bicycles this week.

First up, just a note to look after yourselves and your mental health everyone, make sure to get outside everyday no matter the weather 🌦️. Even just for a short walk, run or bike ride 🏃‍♀️.

I introduce Adam Moffett, a young ripper who does work experience with us (when there’s no lockdowns) Follow him on @adam_mofett153 over on Instagram.

Check our out Silver Service 🔧, a quick breakdown on what goes into this service here.

Book a service with us via DM or email.

Remember the Kona Process X arrived last week? Here is a bike check now that we have it built. I forgot to mention two of the coolest features though 🙈, the adjustable chainstay length and the flip chip to run a 27.5 wheel in the rear!

Lastly, I show you a crazy electric ⚡⚡ motorbike/ebike that someone has asked us to sell for him. I did have a go on it and it’s nuts! If you are interested, get in touch!

See their website here for more information

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