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Cateye Rapid Micro USB
Cat Eye Rapid Micro USB mounted to a seat post
Cateye Rapid Micro

Cateye Rapid Micro Usb rechargeable 15 lumen back light

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Cateye volt 100xc/ cateye rapid micro
Cateye volt 100 xc mounted to handlebars
Cateye Volt 100xc – Rapid Micro usb set

Cateye Volt 100xc 100 lumens front light 5 hour battery with handlebar mount and USB rechargeable, Cateye Rapid Micro Back light 15 lumens 30 hour battery seat post mount and USb rechargeable.

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Cateye Volt 400 Duplex with Helmet strapc
Cateye Volt 400 mounted on handle bars
Cateye Volt 400 Duplex

Cateye Volt 400 Duplex Helmet mounted and handlebar mounted with front and back light.

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